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03. Something for the Weekend: 2010 UK Election Special

At the time of writing, it is only turning midnight and the seat counts are beginning to roll in, so for this week I’m leaving a slight multiple choice for everyone out there.

If it is a Tory victory, then be prepared to see the quality of life for anyone (anything – we may be considered to be less than human, but don’t quote me on that) that is less than higher-middle class to suffer badly and watch the true horror of Conservative economic and social values become apparent.
In that case, sing this song…

However, should there be a three-way coalition government (admittedly the Liberal Democrats are in the minority at this juncture), then the possibility for electoral reform and negotiation of economic issues would have to commence… which may be much better in the long run.
Anyhoo, if the latter happens – regardless of how painfully unlikely – then I shall sing this…

*Hindsight is truly a beautiful thing. One should always be careful what to wish for – the truth may prove more feisty than originally thought.


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