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2010, Ash, Indie, Rock

06. Something for the Weekend: Ash “Binary”

Ash "Binary" (2010)

I do like it when a band can take the piss out of themselves.

It is a rare sight as many musicians depend on a “straight” façade in order to be taken seriously by the general public; although whether they like it or not, this often leaves many artists open to parody or derision.

So when Ash released a slasher-parody video for their single “Binary” on Monday, it raised both an eyebrow and a smile.
The video was filmed on the band’s camcorder whilst on tour in 2002 and features the band and former guitarist Charlotte Hatherley being killed off Psycho-style by an axe murderer.
The sub-7 minute long feature also features Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland playing Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson type characters.

While the single itself is typical Ash material, the video is simply too good to ignore and far more entertaining than anything from Lady Gaga’s bullshit factory.
“Binary” was released on Monday.


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