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14. Something for the Weekend: Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill”

Kate Bush "Running up that Hill" (1985)

In 1978, English singer-songwriter Kate Bush became the first woman to have a UK number 1 with song “Wuthering Heights”, propelling the Kent native into the limelight – indeed the following year, Bush became the most photographed woman in Britain at the time.

The end of the decade saw Bush perform the only tour of her entire career and in the time since has remained essentially a studio based artist, with very rare live appearances.

After the success of “Wuthering Heights” and its partner album, The Kick Inside, Bush released several more long players with British label EMI, before releasing the mid-eighties classic, Hounds of Love.
Withdrawing somewhat from the gothic leanings on her previous effort, The Dreaming, and falling towards more baroque / art pop tendencies, Bush scored her biggest commercial success to date.
Showing that it was as out of date then as it is now, the NME printed a “where are they now?” article some three weeks prior to the release of Hounds of Love, give Bush the last laugh over music journalism’s choice of toilet paper.

Hounds of Love went on to produce four very successful singles – “Cloudbursting”, “Hounds of Love”, “The Big Sky” and of course “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”, which is featured below.
With a series of great singles, innovative videos and memorable albums, Kate Bush remains one of the true stand-out artists of the latter part of the 20th century and will continue to remain far more influential than many of the rabid Bush-lites that inhabit that music industry of today.


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