Noise Pollution is Good for You
2006, Art-Rock, Hoovers and Sledgehammers, Lo-Fi, Novelty

15. Something for the Weekend: Hoovers and Sledgehammers “Joyridin'”

Hoovers and Sledgehammers pose threateningly.

Hailing from Dublin, Hoovers and Sledgehammers were manic artists Earl Mustard and Igor Honey.

For several years, the duo simply didn’t give a shit and produced some of the best (and funniest) lo-fi music in the process; with several albums often consisting of around 15-20 songs, all recorded in one or two takes.

A stand-out from their earlier days is the truly wonderful “Joyridin'” – a song dedicated to stealing cars and Joyriding in the rough Dublin suburb of Tallaght and suffering the consequences thereafter.
Influenced by the likes of Bill Hicks, David Lynch and David Byrne definitely gave the band an edge over other so-called comedic acts and unlike their contemporaries, the attempts at humour in the face of a shitty Dublin hit the mark more often than and never grated.


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