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39. Something for the Weekend: Pram “The Owl Service”

Pram "The Owl Service" (2000)

With percussion ricocheting amongst the speakers, Pram’s sixth album, The Museum of Imaginary Animals presents itself as a curious entity.

Although the songs within were still more cohesive than later efforts, the Birmingham group drifted away from their dream-pop leanings, offering up avant-garde pieces that brought Rosie Cuckson’s eerie and distant vocals to the fore.

Signifying that was The Museum of Imaginary Animals‘ opener, “The Owl Service”.
An off-kilter pop that shares some similarities with the likes of Stereolab and Broadcast; however on this cut, Pram take on a more surreal view as they shroud themselves in instruments not akin to the world of pop.

The title was taken from the 1970’s BBC children’s drama and with the way Pram utilised childlike themes throughout the album, it fits rather well.


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