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65. Something for the Weekend: Rubicks “Jungle of You”

Taken from Rubicks’ second album, The Rise of the Giddy, “Jungle of You” sits precariously toward the tail of the player. Continue reading

63. Something for the Weekend: Kate Nash “Death Proof”

Fresh from a time bouncing around the East End, Kate Nash returns to the void of the music industry with a five-track EP, Death Proof. Continue reading

39. Something for the Weekend: Pram “The Owl Service”

With percussion ricocheting amongst the speakers, Pram’s sixth album, The Museum of Imaginary Animals presents itself as a curious entity. Continue reading

17. Something for the Weekend: Rubicks “Is This Love?”

With the release of their new single on the horizon, electro-rock band Rubicks are moving steadily forward to the release of their second album, which is apparently coming fairly soon. Continue reading

13. Something for the Weekend: Clor “Outlines”

When the south London electro-pop band, Clor split-up in May 2006, the five-piece left behind a painfully small body of work. Continue reading

10. Something for the Weekend: Republica “Ready to Go”

In 1996, English band Republica released their sole-hit “Ready to Go” and it must be said that the video is very fucking irritating. Continue reading

06. Something for the Weekend: Ash “Binary”

I do like it when a band can take the piss out of themselves. It is a rare sight as many musicians depend on a “straight” façade in order to be taken seriously by the general public; although whether they like it or not, this often leaves many artists open to parody or derision. So … Continue reading

04. Something for the Weekend: Chas and Dave (feat. Tottenham Hotspurs FC) “Ossie’s Dream”

I’m not a football fan – well, not a television fan by any stretch. As much as it is a fun game to to play, football on television bores me; alas my current working environment has me surrounded by football fan, whereas I am the only motorsports fan within a country mile of me. When … Continue reading

02. Something for the Weekend: Pink Floyd “Bike”

Originally released in 1967, Pink Floyd’s début album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, was perfectly encapsulated in the album’s closer “Bike”. Continue reading

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Beat Happening "Pinebox Derby"
bis "This is Fake D.I.Y."
Cabaret Voltaire "Nag Nag Nag"
Donna Summer "I Feel Love"
Electrelane (undecided)
Heloise & the Savoir Faire "Odyle"
Kortatu "Nicaragua Sandinista"
Logikparty "Anti Omerta"
Madness (undecided)
Make the Girl Dance "Wall of Death"
One Way System "No Return"
Peter and the Test Tube Babies "Shit British Tour"
PiL (undecided)
Queen of Hearts "Neon"
Sigue Sigue Sputnik "Love Missile F1-11"
Throbbing Gristle "Discipline"
Twin Crystals (undecided)


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